Thursday, 8 December 2011

Grammar Point 1

Fill in the blanks with ‘have to' or  ‘has to' .

1. You ____________open your mouth to sing well.

2. We ______________clap our hands loudly.

3. Albery _______________kick the ball with his leg.

4. Lily_________________type with her fingers.

5. Those boys________________cut their long hair. 

6. The girls_________________stand on their feet.

7. My sister________________bite the string with her teeth.

8. Pupils_________________wear white socks and shoes.

9. Farkry_________________run fast with his long legs to win the race.

10.Hashim and Joe_________________comb their hair with a comb.

11.The child__________________go to the dentist to pull out his rotten tooth.

12.My father__________________pull the boy out of the drain with his hands.

13. Carol and Linda_________________use their eyess to look carefully.

14.The woman___________________sew clothes with her hands.

15.The man and his wife_________________take off their shoes before entering the house.


1. have to              2. have to               3. has to
4. has to                5. have to               6. have to
7. has to                8. have to               9. has to
10.have to             11.have to              12.has to
13.have to             14.has to                15.have to

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