Sunday, 11 December 2011


Read and answer the questions that follow.

     It is in the evening. Nora' family is in the garden. They are busy doing work. Nora' father is cutting the grass. Her brother is trimming the bushes. Her mother is planting some flowers and Nora is watering the plants. They enjoy working together. They are a happy family.

1. Where is Nora' family?
    Nora's family is _____________________.

2. Why are they these?
    They are __________________________.

3. What is Nora' father doing?
    He is _____________________________.

4. Who is planting some flowers?

5. Describe the family.
    They are a ________________________.

6. Match the words with the same meaning.
    (i) happy                                   cutting
    (ii)trimming                               like
    (iii)planting                               proud
    (iv)enjoy                                  growing


Answers: the garden                 2. busy doing work
3. cutting the grass          4. Nora's father
5. happy family             
6.(i)proud   (ii) cutting   (iii) growing   (iv) like

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